Quality control

Moseroth’s quality control system has been ISO 9002 certified since 1995 and ISO 9001 certified since 2003. The certifications were awarded by the Standards Institution of Israel (SII), an independent government organization and a member of IQNET.

The quality control system is involved in all aspects of the company’s work. Management, production and development are all done according to approved and controlled procedures. Regular tests are carried out on the physical properties of the raw materials, during the manufacture of products and of course on the final products.

Our computerized laboratory serves the needs of the company, our clients and also the needs of other technical laboratories.

Moseroth’s Laboratory Equipment Includes:

  • Geometrical Tools

    • Micrometers

    • Calibers

  • Mechanical Tools

    • Wire bending testing machine

    • Wire twisting testing machine

    • Wire tensile testing machine (up to 1,000 kg)

    • Wire rope tensile testing machine (up to 25,000 kg)

    • Wire rope tensile testing bench (up to 150,000 kg)

    • Wire fatigue testing machine.

    • Wire rope fatigue testing machine.

  • Electrical Tools

    • Ohm meter       

    • Micro ohm meter.

  • Chemical Tools

    • Ultrasonic coating thickness meter

    • Set of test tubes for galvanization tests

Our quality control equipment is calibrated at least once a year and electronic equipment is used on all machines to find and prevent defects.

Working Standards

Our products are tested by the Standards Institution of Israel (SII) in adherence to Israeli standards and the products are manufactured according to international standards.

Wire Ropes are manufactured according to:

  • Israeli Standard 565.

  • DIN 3051, DIN 3052 - DIN 3070.

  • DIN 2078/90.

  • B.S. 443.

Aluminum Conductors are manufactured according to:

  • DIN 48200

  • DIN 48201