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Rapid Security Fences


Rapid security barrier is the new revolutionary product of the fencing world.
The barrier is a pyramid made of barbed tape concertina, supplied compressed
and can be deployed rapidly at a speed of 300 meters (1000 ft.) per 2 minutes.
The deployment is automatic and needs minimum manual actions. The result
is that a security barrier is erected at a short time with minimum human touch.

1 . Loading the cassette on the truck and driving to the site.

2 . Opening the bands.

3 . Unloading the end of the pyramid and anchoring it to the ground.

4 . Deploying – by driving the truck / tractor.

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  • The  Rapid  Security  Barrier  is  supplied  in  compressed  cassettes,  each  100 meters (330 ft.) compressed to 0.8 meters (2.5 ft). a Cassette can contain up to 1000 meters (3300 ft.).

  • Contain patented anchoring system with wire ropes.

  • The  barrier  can  be   collected   after   deployment   and   then   reused.

  • No need for special trailers/trucks. Deployment/collection equipment can be adjusted to ordinary shovels.

  • Electrical interface can be added.

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